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About us

Coach Rental Hungary offers you long distance coach service (LDC) anywhere in Europe. It does not matter to us if your group arrives to Paris, Rome, Frankfurt or anywhere else in Europe. Our professional, English speaking drivers will take you everywhere in safe hands. Test our skills and let’s start cooperating next week!


Our company’s predecessor ‘Bélabusz’ was founded in 2000 as a private enterprise, now we are operating as an Ltd. but we are still a privately owned family business in Hungary.


We take pride of our accuracy and precision from the beginning until the end of the coach rental procedure. In more than a decade of operation we have travelled from Northern-Europe to Southern-Turkey as well as from Western-Portugal to the middle of Russia. In the past years our drivers collected a detailed local knowledge about all of the European countries.


They know the sightseeing spots confidently. They are also familiar with the hotels and the restaurants which can save sustantial time for the tour leaders and provides the maximum time for sightseeing.


Coach Rental Hungary’s main profile is offering long distance coach service in Western Europe for leisure groups from Asia with our environmental friendly euro4-5-6 bus fleet, but year by year we are more active in business and FIT groups as well. It does not matter if your group arrives to Paris, Rome, Frankfurt or anywhere else in Western Europe, we will send you the most personalized quotation! All of our coaches are equipped with air conditioner, microphone, DVD player, most of them have 230V on board too. From the second half of 2017 we will offer WiFi service on most of the coaches for a daily fee which can be used in every country.


Our goal is to make renting easier than ever, just send your itinerary and we gladly work out the details of your travel plan and deliver the customized option for you for free of charge.


We believe quality is more important than quantity. Representing this kind of mentality, we’re planning deliberate, constant growing and being a reliable point in Hungary for travellers from all around the Globe in this fast-paced World.


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“My wife and I had a wonderful experience that we've never have before because of your services!”

WuWen - Beijing, China 's

“Thank you for your excellent service during the 13 days what we spent together!”

Christina, Sweden